First and foremost, the committee's issues take place in the future, specifically in 2030. To be able to evaluate further on the scientific and military conditions of the era, we are in need of vast amount of information of the years between 2015 and 2030. 

However, there is an event which is crucial to mention at this point, and that event is the expansion of Saudi Arabia that threatens the whole, especially the Western, world. Saudi Arabia has been sending her citizens around the world as migrants for decades and they commit serious terror actions in many countries which threatens the peace and wealth of the whole society. By 2030 the world has decided to act, however in this situation every step can lead to fatal consequences.

In the Futuristic Security Council we debate issues which started as local conflicts, but later they got intensified and expanded to an international scale. Eventually, in 2030 global conflicts can be observed and many alliance systems are already formed and being formed. These alliance system formations resemble a pre-war status, which utterly means the Security Council has a small interval of time to function, but during that it has to resolve any conflicts that may occur.

In our other issue a natural disaster in a less developed Third World country led to migration and a really complex problem, which has many aspects as many interest groups compete with each other for diverse goals. The further escalation of the conflict is needed to be avoided as it can lead to a third world war between the USA and Russia and their alliances.

In both issues migration plays a crucial role, and they cannot be solved by one-sided thinking, but by constructive ideas.


  1. Territorial dissent over the control of recently found oil reserves in the Pacific Ocean
  2. The case of biological warfare



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